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Innovative technologies against wear


Waste-to-Energy (WTE) and Biomass Boilers benefit from the ability to burn multiple fuel sources with high combustion efficiency and low emissions. Whether the fuel source is wood pellets, forest residue, waste wood or municipal solid waste, corrosion and erosion affects critical components such as wall panels, ducting, ESPs, baghouse, and more. Fuels containing Sulphur, Chlorine, strong Alkali and heavy metals cause aggressive wear rates, uncontrollable corrosion, and copious amounts of ash agglomeration, exasperating these issues.

Fortunately, The Reliability Experts at Whertec have created a lineup of solutions that stop these problems in their tracks.

  • Our very hard and very dense HVAS, HVHD, and HVOF thermal sprays protect the base material.
  • Our Tube Armor ceramic virtually reduces slag buildup on these vital components.
  • Whertec’s exclusive LaserCladding technology utilizes only the hardest materials, boasts an ultra-low heat affected zone (HAZ) and dilution rate, and is stronger and applied more rapidly than traditional weld overlay. Plain and simple: if youre looking to increase revenue and decrease downtime, Whertec has the solution.
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