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Prevent corrosion & erosion with Whertec
Less downtime, less expense, improved efficiency, and improved reliability

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combat corrosion and erosion with Whertec

Cladding and Field Applied Thermal Spray

Regardless of the industry youre in – coal, oil and gas, pulp and paper, waste-to-energy, or chemical – extending the working life of your process equipment remains a valid concern shared among all facilities.

Trust in Whertec across all industries: Luckily, Whertecs lineup of cladding solutions has you covered. Our carefully engineered thermal claddings are designed to combat corrosion and erosion in the harshest of environments, and continues to be the proven answer in highly vulnerable areas.

What does this mean for your operation? Less downtime, less expense, improved efficiency, and improved reliability.

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Aggressive problems demand radical solutions

Laser Cladding Services

For decades, Whertec has been the provider’s choice for service, repair and preventive maintenance of heavy-duty and industrial process equipment.

In Power Generation, protecting your industrial process equipment, boilers, tubes and walls from future corrosion and erosion, while also extending your tubes’ useful life is vital to your operation’s bottom line. With LaserClad from Whertec, you can experience more reliability and better equipment manageability across-the-board! Performance with the newest state-of-the-art powder and hot-wire laser overlay processes provide perfection in an imperfect world. Aggressive problems demand radical solutions. Flying ash, sliding ash and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on critical components, such as waterwall panels, superheater tubes, and upper and lower slopes.

Benefits of LaserClad

  • Enhanced as welded condition
  • Low heat affected zone
  • Limited distortion/shrinkage of base material
  • Wide range of thicknesses
  • Suitable for use with an almost limitless selection of materials
  • Superior computer numeric controlled application process
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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Whertec’s proprietary wear mapping software offers a quick visual and quantitative representation of wear rates and patterns. A variety of data is collected, including wall thickness measurements as well as cladding or coating thickness readings.

Whertec’s Boiler Inspection Services (BIS) delivers innovative services that improves inspection reliability, repeat-ability and efficiency. BIS uses state-of-the-art software that collects data from several NDT methods to accurately provide visual maps that depict sacrificial wear of boiler and vessels.  

Whether it’s a coal-fired circulating fluidized bed (CFB boiler), ducting, digestor or other vessels, the BIS team can quickly determine any loss of material, calculate wear rates, and determine wear patterns with our unique rapid processing software. In as little as 12 hours, our team can provide end users with a complete scan and review of the inspection results for immediate execution. 

48-hour service with Whertec: Through our integration services model, our team will offer inspection, recommendations for repair and will execute a field services team in as little as 48 hours. This fully integrated approach is unmatched in industry today. 


Improving your equipment with Whertec

Inspection and LifeCycle Reliability

LifeCycle management is designed around the specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that are unique to your operation. LifeCycle tailors a customized inspection program that delivers predictable data on the wear loss and pattern of your operational equipment. Through this data collection and reporting, our team works with you to craft a customized maintenance plan around particular objectives.

Our LifeCycle Advantage Agreement includes

  • Surface integrity assessment and wear mapping
  • Material testing and qualification
  • Field execution optimization based on budget and turn around schedule
  • Simplified procurement to accelerate the purchasing cycle and improve long term maintenance spend
  • On-site training and mentoring programs to strengthen maintenance skill sets, improve plant and personnel safety, and increase asset reliability

Schedule an audit today and start focusing on the critical operational assets you need to improve!

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Improve heaters efficiency

High Emissivity Furnace Coating

TubeArmor BlackStone is a high-performance, high emissivity energy-enhancement coating designed to protect and enhance radiant section process heater tubing of catalytic reformer furnaces. The coating is proven to improve operational and thermal efficiency, while maintaining metallurgical reliability and stability.

The application of TubeArmor BlackStone will reduce the effects of key issues influencing the efficiency of fire heaters – tube fouling and high charge rates. Through the use of emissivity – a material’s ability to absorb and reradiate energy – the coating can selectively adjust the emissivity of a bare tube from 0.75 up to 0.93 (near black body), depending on the requirements within the furnace. The coating also reduces the diffusion mechanism of oxidation, eliminating insulative (scale and oxide) surface layers that form during high temperature operation. TubeArmor BlackStone ceramic-coated process tubing will absorb greater heat while reducing hot spots, creating a uniform heating profile that allows the furnace to operate at its lowest possible tube skin temperature for the required absorption duty.


Continuous improvement

Benefits of TubeArmor BlackStone
  • Fuel/energy savings
  • Improves metallurgical stability
  • Improves surface emissivity
  • Improved uniform heating
  • Low installation cost
  • Reduced bridgewall temperatures
  • Prevents high temperature oxide scale formation
  • Reduced emissions of NOx and CO2
  • > 10 year design life
High Emissivity refractory Coating

RefraXE coating systems

High Emissivity Refractory Coating
High Emissivity refractory Coating

Whertec’s RefraXE is a series of refractory coatings, including energy-enhancement technologies and zircon modified technologies for ultimate wear protection. The RefraXE line of energy-enhancement coatings are designed to increase the emissivity of refractory surfaces. By increasing the emissivity – a material’s ability to absorb and re-radiate energy – a refractory surface will offer enhanced energy efficiency.

RefraXE offers the ability to transform the substrate surface to absorb and re-radiate heat energy, improving the thermal efficiency and performance of furnaces and kilns.

The coating system stabilizes the surface’s emissivity throughout the temperature range and seals the furnace’s firebox to reduce heat loss.

The sealing effect of the RefraXE coating system provides surface densification, improving the refractory’s resistance to high velocity gas erosion, dusting and chemical attack. Ultimately, this will improve the service life of the refractory material.

RefraXE coating systems are water-based, inorganic chemistries that offer temperature resistance up to 2800 °F (1537 °C). The coating system offers excellent penetration and adhesion to the refractory surface.


Why choose Whertec?

Benefits of High Emissivity Refractory Coating
  • Increases radiant efficiency
  • Decreases furnace heat up time
  • Eliminates irritant refractory dusting
  • Increases refractory service life
  • Improves thermal cycling resistance
  • Reduces heat loss through refractory
  • Improves temperature uniformity
  • Improves surface resistance to erosion
  • Improves refractory abrasion properties
  • Low installation cost
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dual or triple-layer cladding systems against corrosive attacks

Corrosion Protection Services

Standard paints, coatings and thermal sprays are often not enough to protect against aggressive corrosion resulting from harsh chemical attacks from amines, sulfides, caustics and acids.

All within the realm of possibility with Whertec: For corrosion protection in these environments, Whertec combines dual or triple-layer cladding systems to rebuild and mitigate further corrosive attacks. Innovative alloyed cladding compositions are engineered to perform in the harshest conditions, and are selected based on the specific service condition. Whether you require onsite or shop-applied solutions, Whertec’s global reach can accommodate almost any project in any country. 

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