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Coal Fired Boiler
Unmatched levels of protection and uniform from The Reliability Experts.

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Whertecs HVAS, HVHD, and HVOF thermal claddings solutions

Boiler Tube Waterwall Cladding

Erosion and corrosion are unavoidable, but with Whertecs highly advanced and proprietary cladding systems, both can be greatly reduced. Engineered to combat both issues, Whertecs HVAS, HVHD, and HVOF thermal claddings have become the definitive solution in high temperature, vulnerable areas such as water wall panels and burner walls.

Ask any Whertec customer they’ll happily tell you that we provide unmatched levels of protection and uniform, one-time service.

Would you expect anything less from The Reliability Experts?

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Radical solutions for aggressive problems


Flying ash, sliding ash, and extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on critical components such as waterwall panels, superheater tubes, and upper and lower slopes.

Whertec’s LaserClad virtually eliminates all of these problems. This over-engineered solution boasts superior tensile strength, a metallurgical bond to the base material, a low dilution rate compared to traditional weld overlay, and an almost limitless selection of materials.

The result? Reduced downtime, reduced unit expenses, and increased efficiency. Can your operation afford to not have LaserClad?

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HVOF Whertec

Tailored to mitigate high temperature corrosion and erosion

On Site Thermal Spray (HVOF/HVHD/HVAS)
HVOF Whertec

Countless operations worldwide rely on Whertec’s products and qualified technicians to ensure they are achieving peak performance while lowering running expenses. When you choose to partner with Whertec, you’ll experience the perks of choosing the best in the business.

Whertec’s reliable and effective technologies result in reduced expenses and increased efficiency for your business. Some things can’t be avoided vital components such as Economizer Tubes, Reheat Tubes, Waterwall Panels, Burner Walls, chutes, and SDAs take a beating, so why not protect them with the best solutions on the market today?

Our HVAS, HVHD, and HVOF thermal claddings are tailored to mitigate high temperature corrosion and erosion, all while improving heat transfer and overall efficiency.

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TubeArmor Ceramic Coating technology

Boiler Tube Ceramic Coating

The most economical and globally-recognized protection method for boiler tubes is the use of TubeArmor Ceramic Coating technology. Whertec’s proprietary technology was developed in 1984, and was the original technology adopted by coal-fired power generators in the USA.

Benefits of TubeArmor

  • Superior adhesion designed to withstand the extreme thermal, physical and chemical conditions within a boiler environment.
  • Improved heat transfer and enhanced thermal management for lower furnace exit gas temperatures (FEGT).
  • Forms an impervious barrier, preventing corrosive products from attacking metal tubes.
  • Environmentally safe – no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that will negatively affect the environment or human health.
  • Non-catalytic technology – molten ash will not sinter and adhere to the surface of coated tubes, preventing the buildup of an insulating layer.
  • Improved inspection when used as a wear indicator – if the surface remains green, the substrate material underneath has lost zero thickness.
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Cost effective cladding solutions

Super Heater Protection

In addition to combustor boiler waterwalls, upper furnace components such as superheaters and backpass economizer tubes often experience failure due to corrosion and erosion. 

Superheater Tubes – Slagging, under deposit corrosion, high temperature fatigue, soot blower erosion, and particle erosion can lead to deterioration and tube loss.

The Reliable Whertect Solution: Whertec offers cost effective cladding solutions designed to extend the service life of the upper furnace components. 


Offering erosion and corrosion protection


Economizer – Failure of economizer tubes are the result of either corrosion or erosion. In heavily slagged boilers, the gas path may be restricted causing accelerated velocities through the lower economizer tube bank. Under deposit and dew point corrosion is also a phenomenon that is common when highly corrosive fuels such as biomass is used. 

The Reliable Whertec Solution: Whertec offers economizer tube protection that is designed to offer both erosion and corrosion protection. 

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Innovative data collection with Whertec

NDT Inspection (Wear Mapping)

Whertec’s proprietary wear mapping software offers a quick visual and quantitative representation of wear rates and patterns. Data is collected on wall thickness measurements as well as cladding or coating thickness readings.

Innovative data collection with Whertec: Whertecs Boiler Inspection Services (BIS) delivers innovative services that improves inspection reliability, repeat-ability and efficiency. BIS uses state-of-the-art software that collects data from several NDT methods to accurately provide visual maps that depict wear of boilers and vessels. 


Inspection, recommendations for repair and a field services team in 48 hours

Complete service with Whertec

Whether it’s a coal-fired circulating fluidized bed (CFB boiler), ducting, digestor or other vessel, the BIS team can quickly determine any how a material is deteriorating, calculate wear rates, and determine wear patterns with our unique rapid processing software. In as little as 12 hours, our team can provide end users with a complete scan and review of the inspection results for immediate execution.

Compete service with Whertec: Through our integration services model, our team will offer inspection, recommendations for repair and will execute a field services team in as little as 48 hours. This turnkey full-integrated approach is unmatched in industry today. 


We know where to look for typical wear patterns

Extensive Experience

Recommendations for increasing efficiency with improved lap-times

  • Visual inspections of all boiler areas
  • Detailed, color-coded map of boiler showing wear areas
  • Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) Analysis

Quality Assurance

  • In situ quality checks during thermal spray application
  • Weld Inspections performed by CWI
  • Full Service Metallurgical Testing Lab
  • Certified NDT inspections (Ultrasonic, M.P.I., dye penetrants, etc.)

Extensive Experience: For over two decades (and thousands of inspections) BIS has provided our customers with relevant and timely data to understand the root problems associated with boilers and pressurized vessels. We know where to look for typical wear patterns.

Rigorous Training: BIS has made a commitment to hire the best inspectors possible. Each inspector has undergone extensive certification to meet the most stringent standards in our industry. With us, you can be guaranteed quality service, integrity and a fully code-compliant service.

Clear Reporting: BIS provides you with detailed reports, including exactly where the regions of highest vulnerability are located.

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